Peter Audenas - Remote Controller


34 years of delivering proven, effective and efficient solutions to more than 1,000 small closely held businesses.

“I focus on helping the restaurant owner save money and control assets. Business intelligence allows me to help the owner make the best decisions resulting in business growth and personal peace of mind. My systems and unique approach will increase your profit.”

What We Do
We work exclusively with Bars, Restaurants, and others in the hospitality industry, one that is inherently prone to “shrinkage” of assets. Long term success and the owners cash flow from the business will increase by focusing on reducing waste, theft, controlling costs, and the implementation of proven accounting and inventory systems. We have developed, implemented and executed proven solutions that increase the bottom line from 2-20% of sales or more.

Complimentary Consultation
We provide a no obligation analysis that includes a detailed questionnaire that will allow us to uncover opportunities for cutting costs, reducing waste, and increasing overall operational efficiency. The completed analysis will determine to what degree we can help you.

The length and depth of our involvement will determine how much money we can save you. All of our clients find that the direct and indirect benefits exceed our costs and therefore engage us long term to provide them peace of mind knowing they have a “partner” who is there for them 24×7, ready to help them with virtually any business issue. That is our mission.

Results Guaranteed
After the initial analysis and additional discussion, we will identify the deliverables and their associated costs, savings and benefits. You don’t pay for anything we don’t deliver.

Our goal is to create a win-win situation. We will not move forward unless both parties are convinced that we will both be able to deliver everything we promised. I can’t help you unless you “help me help you”.