Rob Mondi



Mondi & Associates, Inc.

Mondi and Associates was formed in 2018 to utilize the years of experience I have gained in my career. Spending the last 25 years in finance, business ownership, restaurant and franchise operations and real estate I have learned a thing or two – let all my mistakes and accomplishments benefit you as you look to purchase your first business or sell it. We have a list of contacts that specialize in everything you need and/or are actively looking to make acquisitions thus potentially making your sale or purchase a speedier process.

We specialize in helping businesses (primarily restaurants) grow their brand. The clients we represent have award-winning brands that are looking to grow that brand by one to two locations per year. We also help entrepreneurs divest from their business and monetize what they worked so hard to create thus allowing you to retire or pursue other ambitions. We can help you obtain financing, strategic partners or solve short-term liquidity needs.